Training DVD

VōWac® Publishing Company offers various means of support. One available to schools currently purchasing and using VōWac® is our Training DVD (T-DVD).


The Training DVD is loaned to any school, home school, tutor, or parent free of charge. This DVD is available only to parties that have purchased VōWac® materials. The only cost is the return postage to have it returned.

The DVD takes a little over 90 minutes to view. There are a few opportunities to practice some of the teaching skills that may extend the time frame. It covers the essential components of a Level 1 lesson. We are certain that knowing these elements will allow any teacher to be more effective teaching any level.

It was produced in an effort to remove some of the uncertainties that come with using a new program. It also provides training to teachers that have not attended a VōWac® Workshop.

Consider using the DVD if you need a refresher. Simply ask your administrator to request its use. We will get it in the mail post-haste!