New Titles

VōWac® Publishing Company is proud to announce the addition and exclusive rights to several new titles from Gwelda Carlson and Cari Liebel.

 Gwelda Carlson’s publications include Reading Skills Plus, Word Fluency Builders, and Plays and Readers Theater.

Reading Skills Plus (RSP) is a consumable workbook for students targeted at ages ten and above. If a student is missing some of the essential decoding skills to become proficient, RSP will take him them through a sequence of skills allowing the teacher to identify specific skills missing in existing skill sets. The teacher then focuses on the missing skill until mastered and work is then continued. There is no more need to give a ‘shot gun’ approach to teaching essential skills students need for decoding mastery. 

Word Fluency Builders (WFB) will help a student become fluid and accurate when reading. Improving these skills will not only promote smooth reading, but will also improve comprehension. The collection of words in WFB is a complete packet ready to store in your own three-ring binder.

The final two titles acquired were both created to help students practice oral reading, build fluency and comprehension and have a ton of fun at the same time. Kids Are Characters (KAC) by Cari Liebel, will help primary teachers take children through a series of eight delightful plays. Titles include Zoo Mania, I Think I can, and Christmas Alphabet. Suggested props and decorations are included with each performance. Plays and Reader’s Theater (PRT) by Gwelda Carlson, will also help build fluency and comprehension skills. Written for lower to middle elementary grade students, children will read stories, poems and selections from across the content area, including virtues, values, and character building. Over 20 different titles are included.