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Kindergarten and Level 1 kits and workbooks and most items available in: (Z) School Upright or (D) School Slant.

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Letter Picture Packs - Level 2
Letter Picture Packs - Level 2
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Letter Picture Packs reinforce the sound/symbol/letter relationship through use of a catch phrase.  The back of the cards display the saying used for the card as well as the introductory lesson number.  Cards taught at Level 1 are numbered 1-64.  Level 2 includes cards 1-75.  Level 3 reviews or introduces cards 1-105.  Level 4 includes cards 1-125.


Item LPP-1 (cards 1-64); Item LPP-2 (cards 1-75); Item LPP-3 (cards 1-105); Item LPP-4 (cards 1-125)

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Do you have a Letter Picture Pack 1 and simply need to add the cards for the next level? See items EXP2-LPP, EXP3-LPP, EXP4-LPP



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